Wedding Rings in Mokume Gane

Mokume-Gane Style Wedding Rings

Looking for an extraordinary wedding ring? Consider the striking mokume gane style. Mokume gane, with its unmistakable wood grain pattern, was developed by Japanese metalworkers in the 17th century to add a decorative flair to katana handles. As the decades went on, jewelers and metalsmiths across the world began to experiment with this unique layered-metal technique.

Loosely translated, “mokume gane” means “wood grain metal.” Mokume gane rings are created by sandwiching various precious metals, like palladium, platinum, green gold, and red gold together in what’s called a “billet.” Manipulating this “billet” with heat and pressure results in a beautiful wavy wood grain pattern.

The mokume gane wedding ring - a style as unique as your love

At least two different metals are forged together in several layers on top of each other to form the basis for mokume gane rings. The more metals layered together, the more contrasting and detailed the pattern.

This time-consuming and historic process has a very special result: No two rings are the same! The way the metals are processed together means each and every ring features a different, unique pattern. Your wedding ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry you’ll ever wear -- and with the mokume gane technique, this important ring will be as unique as your love.

Wedding rings in the mokume gane pattern - a fascinating metal mix

The mokume gane technique lends itself well to either men’s or women’s ring styles. For men’s wedding bands, the pleasing aesthetic of wood grain speaks for itself. Women’s rings can feature diamonds and embedded stones to bring a feminine and unique touch to this eye-catching style.

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