Carbon Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings Made Of Carbon

Embark on a wonderful marriage with an extraordinary, yet largely unknown material: wedding rings made of carbon are still rare in the jewellery world, and alongside silver and palladium they are another great alternative to classic wedding rings. You will attract everyone’s attention with wedding rings made of carbon: combining the dark carbon with, for example, gold or white gold creates unique and striking contrasts. Carbon is also five times stronger than steel, thus meaning wedding rings made of carbon are not only a symbol for your solid marriage bond.

Wedding rings made of carbon: Entering a new era with ease and comfort

Enjoy an easy and unencumbered start to your shared future - this is what many couples wish for at their wedding. And you will certainly succeed with wedding rings made of carbon: because wedding rings made of carbon are light and particularly comfortable. Therefore, they are particularly the perfect solution for people who have not worn rings before.

You will forget you are even wearing a ring after a few hours; but the love to your partner and the high-contrast design of your carbon wedding rings will remind you. Carbon is a very skin-friendly material and is thus suitable for people with allergies. The matt-glossy and structured look makes carbon wedding rings modern and unique pieces of jewellery.

You have the choice - with the acredo wedding ring designer

With the help of the acredo wedding ring designer you can select the properties of your carbon wedding rings and test different variations yourselves. Decide yourselves how much you want to stand out from the crowd with your carbon wedding rings: high contrasts, sparkling diamonds, unusual shapes. With the acredo wedding ring designer, you can click through various designs and compare combinations. You can experience the comfort of carbon wedding rings live, in one of our many stores. Speak about your wishes and ideas for your carbon wedding rings with our consultants and make your own individual marriage band. uses cookies on this website to enhance the user experience and provide the best possible service. We also use third party cookies. For details see our privacy policy.