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Signet rings are worn by women and men as a sign of togetherness and identification with their own origins.

At acredo we offer signet rings with tops in two different sizes: cool without a motif, sparkling with a star setting or stardust setting, with your star sign or your personal birth flower.

Choose the signet ring design you like best. Have fun.

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Elegant Signet Rings

Signet rings have emerged as one of the strongest jewelry trends in recent years. They have evolved from a family symbol worn mainly by men to a sign of belonging to a variety of communities.

Symbolism steeped in history

The earliest known signet rings date back to Egypt in 2000 BC, where they represented a scarab. At that time, signet rings were an important symbol of power and wealth.
Today, the signet ring is often worn by women or men on their little finger as a sign of belonging and identification with their own origins.

This symbolism was the reason for the acredo design team to look into the subject of signet rings and create elegant inspirations.

Signet rings in gold and platinum

Each design, whether small or large, is available in gold and platinum. This means that there is not only a wide choice of alloys, but also a wide choice of colours for the signet rings. From the coveted white to grey to yellow, rosé and red as well as the beige shade Signature Gold, all options are open for the signet rings with the configurator. Try it.

Plain signet rings

If you would like to wear your signet ring completely plain, we provide you with the basic design without any motif on the plate. The ring itself is polished.

Signet rings with that certain something

For those who love diamonds as much as we do at acredo, we have created two gorgeous stone settings: a star setting and a stardust setting.

Signet rings with a star sign

Or you can choose your star sign as the motif for your signet ring. From the star sign Aquarius to the star sign Capricorn, we offer engraving on each of the small or large ring versions.

Signet rings with birth flowers

A theme that is particularly close to our hearts is the engraving of the personal birth flower on the signet ring. We love nature and can express this in an enchanting way.

In the language of flowers, each flower has its own meaning. The birth flower depends on the month of birth and reflects unique character traits. Along with the star sign and the ascendant, birth flowers reflect a person's personality.

January - Snowdrop
The white flowers of the snowdrop are one of the first to make their way through the snow cover in the depths of winter. They symbolize hope and resilience.

February - Violet
The violet is a very delicate and dainty flower. It stands for modesty, loyalty and attentiveness.

March - Daffodil
Bright yellow or delicate white: the daffodil shows itself in different white-yellow color mixtures. It stands for freshness, luck and fertility.

April - Daisy
With its white-yellow flowers, the daisy peacefully covers entire meadows even in difficult locations. Steady and modest are also considered people born in April.

May - Lily of the Valley
The beguiling scent of the lily of the valley has always been well known in perfumery. Its pure white flowers are seen mostly in forests. They are often associated with purity and sincerity.

June - Rose
The rose with its elegant shape and unique fragrance is probably one of the most beautiful symbols of love. With it comes summer. We associate the rose with such qualities as pride, love and affection.

July - Water lily
Seemingly weightless, the magnificent flowers of the water lily float on the water of lakes and ponds. The water lily stands for clarity, purity and grace.

August - Corn poppy
Bright red and romantically wild: this is how the corn poppy appears in the middle of summer in August. People with this birth flower love freedom and are very loving at the same time.

September - Ipomoea
Just as the blue blossoms of the Ipomoea wind upward toward the sun and light, people born in September strive for truth and knowledge.

October - Cosmea
With its white, pink or pink blossoms, the jewel basket continues to enchant deep into November. The Cosmea embodies love, beauty and peace.

November - Chrysanthemum
As the queen of autumn flowers, the chrysanthemum shines in a wide variety of colors. It symbolizes cheerfulness, happiness, prosperity and health.

December - Holly
Also known as the red winter berry, the holly adorns many a coat of arms. It symbolizes bravery, power and strength.