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Princess-Cut Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with a princess diamond are modern understatement. The clear square shape of the princess cut diamond is a class of its own for an engagement ring. Made for modern princesses.

The style of an engagement ring with a princess diamond varies from simple to luxurious. It all depends on the setting and the ring band. We offer a wonderful selection of convincing settings for princess diamonds.

Discover the discreet appeal of princess diamonds for your unique engagement ring and create your own.

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The Engagement Ring for Modern Princesses

Thinking of an engagement ring, usually immediately a ring with a round diamond is in people's mind. However, there is another favorite for modern princesses. It is the engagement ring with a princess cut diamond.

The Princess Cut

A princess cut diamond has a square or slightly rectangular shape when viewed from above. From the side, the stone resembles an upside-down pyramid. The princess cut diamond is the second most popular diamond shape after the brilliant cut. It is a relatively new type of cut that emerged in the 1960s.

Since then, princess-cut engagement rings have enjoyed growing popularity. The clear square shape of the cut is finding more and more followers. The appearance of the engagement ring for modern princesses is rather restrained. The connoisseur enjoys and is silent.

The style of princesses

Depending on the setting, the engagement ring with princess diamond becomes an elegant or luxurious piece of jewelry. Four discreet round or square prongs in combination with a ring setting in gold or platinum radiate simple elegance. An open bezel setting in combination with a pure ring band or one set with small diamonds integrates easily into the urban lifestyle. Engagement rings with a large princess diamond in the centre and many brilliant-cut, princess or baguette diamonds on the ring band are luxurious it-pieces. Get inspired and design according to your wishes.

Design your own engagement ring with a princess diamond

All engagement ring designs with princess diamonds can be changed with the help of the configurator. You choose the size and quality of the princess diamond. The decision between gold or platinum is quickly made. The setting of the diamond reflects your personal style. And your unique engagement ring is ready. All that remains is the question of all questions and the yes.